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The Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace is a missional community of believers serving the greater Fredericksburg region and beyond as a house of prayer and Missions Base. We do this through:

1. Maintaining an expression of day and night prayer and worship, in the spirit of the tabernacle of David, as our central focus for the transformation of the greater Fredericksburg region and the nations. (THE PRAYER ROOM, 24/7 VIRGINIA)

2. Releasing forerunners and revivalists who will proclaim Jesus in every sphere of culture and operate in supernatural demonstrations of the Kingdom of God. (THE BURN INTERNSHIP, IMMERSED INTERNSHIP, THE COLLEGE OF SACRED SCRIPTURE, THE BURN SERVICE, AWAKEN THE DAWN, AND OTHER REGIONAL EVENTS)

3. Conducting various ministries of mercy to the poor and oppressed, evangelistic outreach, and missions. (SOZO, SEVEN LOAVES, JOSEPH STOREHOUSE, CRISIS RESPONSE, STRIKE TEAMS, INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS, THE WHITESTONE FOUNDATION)

At its core, the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace is a day and night prayer room serving the greater Fredericksburg region and the nations. Revival and the transformation of society is always birthed and accompanied by sustained prayer. Imagine the impact in the spiritual atmosphere over our city from a constant prayer meeting in Fredericksburg--crying out for the Lord to break into our community and into the nations of the earth with the power of the gospel. Imagine day and night worship always rising up from Fredericksburg, even as it does in heaven, for Jesus is worthy of such from our city. Imagine the presence of God filling every church in the Fredericksburg region with greater power and a historic revival. Imagine a place where people can come at any time and encounter Jesus. Imagine signs and wonders accompanying the preaching of the gospel across our community. Imagine God releasing justice for the oppressed, the poor, the pre-born, and others, as we cry out day and night--and as we engage in works of justice, evangelism, and mercy ministry day by day. Imagine the power of partnership with the Body of Christ across Virginia through ongoing projects, and the investment in the world through strike teams sent to the nations. This is the vision of the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace. "And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily" (Luke 18:7-8).

The Prayer Furnace and Missions Base is served by a staff of full-time and part-time, self-supporting missionaries serving our region, and by many volunteer staff who give their time to prayer and service. The center of this missional community is our Missions Base, with our Prayer Room and various training and outreach/missions ministries. We also partner with churches in the Fredericksburg region and around the state of Virginia through a growing network, called “24-7 Virginia”, to see day and night prayer established and the prayer movement facilitated. In addition, we are continually sending ministry teams to dozens of churches and prayer ministries to support and serve their efforts in fulfilling their vision for day and night prayer in their context.

The Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace currently conducts city-wide and state-wide ministries to serve the local church and the larger community--- that we would see the fulfillment of the Great Commission and the nations worship the Lord. The following are some of the primary examples of this. First, we conduct a diversity of training events on prayer, worship, and supernatural ministry at our Missions Base, in local churches, and across the region. We offer a full-time, residential ministry training program called the Burn Internship, and a full-time/part-time Bible college program called the College of Sacred Scripture—hundreds of students have been involved in these opportunities. Every week, multiple teams of our Sozo and Seven Loaves ministries go out from our Missions Base into our city to serve and minister to people through evangelism, feeding the homeless and poor, meeting practical needs, praying for the sick and lost, and extending the love of God in personal engagement with those who live among us. 

Secondly, we offer to our community and larger region weekly encountering God gatherings, called the Burn Service which meets on Friday nights. In addition to this, there are many other various kinds of events, such as the annual regional conferences of “Awaken the Dawn” and "Sozo”, as well as other conferences on specific topics--to mobilize this generation for radical lifestyles of pursuing the face of Jesus. Alongside these efforts, we conduct outreach/“engaging culture” events into Washington, D.C., and other cities in Virginia. We are also developing a storehouse and crisis relief ministry called EPIC (Emergency Preparedness in Christ), providing resourcing and ministry teams. Finally, we regularly send out teams into the nations, partnering with the body of Christ internationally, including long term workers in cooperation with other sending agencies.

May the fire on the altar never go out...



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5024 Southpoint Parkway
FredericksburgVA 22407
(540) 834-2340
Prayer Room Hours:
Mon: 6am-midnight
Tue - Fri: 4am-midnight
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Weekend Gatherings:
Sunday 10am Awakening Community Church 
Friday 7pm Burn Service

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